Distribution & Logistic

Distribution & Logistic

Distribution and Logistics Arrangements is the key for high level satisfaction at customer end. Petroleum products is a complex procedure and requires a huge amount of expertise and detailed understanding.


Our Logistics Team is making reasonable efforts to provide a large number of Branded Fleet comprising OGRA Standards including international safety and operating procedures is as;

Basic Characteristics of Tankers

► Meeting NHA (National Highway Authority) standards.

► UNADR (United Nations standard: Agreement on Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Road) compliance.

► Tankers Calibration through SGS.

► Our Tankers ensure availability of Anti-lock braking system, Tubeless Tires, Engine Exhaust Brakes, Battery cut-off, Sealed electrical wirings, Safety handrail on Top.


Implementation of Standards

Road safety is an every day priority at MFPL. This is a large-scale program. Its principal aim is to reduce the number of road accidents by placing the emphasis on training drivers and ensuring the technical monitoring of the fleet. This approach involves all the players (transporters, drivers, etc.) as part of efforts to achieve progress. It covers all fields of transportation. Objective is to move towards “zero deaths” on the road.

Product Safety

► State of the art Tanker Seals to escape theft of Products while transportation.

► 24/7 Online Vehicle Tracking System to provide exact tanker locations to customers.


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